Slow-cooked in small batches

for full flavour and brimming with natural goodness

Real Tomato

Tomatoes slow-cooked to make a perfectly rich, deeply indulgent ketchup, using the finest freshly ground spices to enhance this timeless essential. The perfect potato chip needs the perfect ketchup, so go ahead and indulge yourself! One of life’s simple pleasures!

Tomato and
Black Onion Relish

A chunky tomato, onion and bramley apple relish bursting with natural goodness and flavour, slow cooked with fine herbs and spices to excite your taste buds. This relish is great for livening up cold meats and farmhouse cheeses; perfect in a chicken wrap; added to a pasta sauce; or an essential accompaniment to a char-grilled burger. 


Rich tomato sauce with hints of smokiness & cracked pepper, enriched with quality spices to kick-start your barbecue experience. Perfect over oven-baked salmon fillet, crispy fried chicken wings, sweet potato wedges, or smothered over slow-cooked pork ribs… an essential for any barbecue party. 

Jams and Marmalades...

My range - Raspberry, Strawberry, and Blackcurrant Jam, and Three Fruit Marmalade now available in select stores

A proud member of Guaranteed Irish, supporting Irish jobs, and ensuring that my products support local businesses through the supply chain and stores where I sell my products. Shop local, shop Irish... 

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